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The Ambert Unit

Hi all, how are you?




Who's behind this stage name THE AMBER UNIT?


5 guys, 4 of them knowing each other for more than 20 years, the 5th is new in the gang, plays bass and we are very thankful that he joined us a new drive, breaking old structures… We are:

Yves Neuhaus – guitar, violin, piano, program

Stevie Fiedler – guitar, sythie

Victor Hofstetter – guitar, vocals, harmonium

Emanuel Speiser – drums, programming

Christoph Meneghetti – bass, guitar


Why did you choose a scene name in English and not in French?


Good question…we sing in English, so I guess it makes sense.


I saw your discography on your label. So tell the music there is that true no? More serious what drives you towards this artistic field?


I’m not sure what you want to ask…


If your music was used for a movie, what kind of movie would it be? Romantic, action, or science fiction?


Science Fiction it is…so being on one of these Soundtracks would be cool…might be a romantic science fiction…

A good version of ‘the dark tower’ with one of our songs – total bliss


The first word that comes to mind right now right now?


Roland of Gilead


What are your musical influences?


5 people 5 influences. From Songwriters/Folk to Metalheads, from Jazz to Rock and Pop. From Electro to Classic

We agree on Radiohead


What are you inspired by for the composition of your texts?


My Life. The life of our band and our friends – there’s enough tragedy, enough love, enough hope for 50 records.

I’m not too good in storytelling or in observations about society, but I think I am pretty decent in helping someone to understand a feeling that someone has, with the help of music and words.


Who is the composer of the music and what is it inspired by?


For this record – we developed the songs together. Someone brought an idea, and than we worked on the tracks. So inspiration comes from everywhere


Who is the funniest of you all?


Everyone in the band would say of himself ‘hey, it’s me, I am the funniest’, but the truth is, it’s probably me


Imagine an evil genius removes the fact of being a musician, what other art form would you choose?




Unknown land, known land or known land?


Unknown land. Even if it’s scaring one needs to face it’s fears


Big mythical scene or intimate concert?


Big mystical scene….we had enough intimate concerts, so big would be great


The best reward you received last year ...


A beautiful decline of an irish blog, for the Song Home:

If you weren't from Switzerland you'd be from Ireland because as an Irishman I hear so much of the music produced from this land in this song. A deep melancholy mostly, a folky outlook but one that has been forged from loss and life experience so emotional heft is everywhere in each of its three minutes. Really well done, leaving an impression long after it has faded."


Dream or reality ?




A first dream part would be that of ...


A mystical scene


Black or white ?


White chocolate, otherwise Couldn’t care less


60 70 80 90 or 2010?




The international city to make a very good concert ...


Vancouver Canada


The style of music that you have trouble listening to ...


Trap and this vocoder shit…but we love a good hiphop track


Thank you very much for this interview and nice musical continuation


You’re welcome , thank you 


Crédit photo : Matthias Willi