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The Jackets

Hi everyone, how are you?

Jolly good!


First of all, who is who who does what?

Jackie sings and playes guitar, Samuel plays bass and Chris the drums, both guys sing also backing vocals.


I hope you will not take this question wrong, but you are completely crazy on stage and musically, what do you eat at breakfast?

Birchermüseli of corse!


Why are you making music?

I guess because it's the most important thing in our lives. It's passion, love, it's our engine, it's our religion, it's makes us happy, it's our family, our art, our way to live, to survive and express ourselfs.


Tell us about your new album. He is different from others or not? If so, what?

Each album captures the developement of the band at a different stage. On all our records we sound like The Jackets but I think with every album we got better in capturing the essence of the band on a recording. I think on our last album we found the dream team to bring the best out of us and make the best recording we can do at this point. It's our best album for shure (but this we say after every album, haha!)


Who has the inspiration for the musical composition of the titles?

We are all songwriters but I write the most music, Chris writes most of the lyrics and Sam does most of the arrangements.


Intimate scene or big festival?  

Intimate scene. We like to get in touch with our audience. Be close, freak out together!


Punk, rock or classical music and why?

Punk from the 60s! It has to come out! Directly, raw and wild!


If you were a song what would it be?

A rock n' roll opera that includes all facettes of live, human dreams and nightmares.


A mythical year of your musical career

The year or the night when i played my first show: I had no idea that I had this wilde, dark thing inside of me that jumped out of me and changed my hole life.


The most rocky year in the history of rock ...

Whatever year it was, i wasn't born yet unfortunately.


The Jackets is it a story of love or friendship for music?

Both! Love and friendship for music.


The mythical rock group of mythical in your eyes, what would it be?


For me it's Love (Band). Can't explain why, that's probbably why I love them.


Without music life would be ...

Hopeless. Scary. Sad?


How did you meet?

Me and Chris were a couple when we started the band. First we were called The Trash Department. Samuel joined the band after a year of The Jackets when we lost our first bass player. Samuel was a promoter and booked us. Shortly after we found out that he lives a couple blocks away and is an amazing bass player. It had to happen, it was magic!


The texts of the titles it feels the lived or it is completely imagined?

They are all about real feelings, experiences, imaginations put into poetic lyrics.


A word that defines your musical career

Adventurous! I'm not thinking of success in first place, i'm talking about the many beautiful and intersting countries I got to tour, the many great venues I got to play and the many wonderful people I got meet. I'm very thankful and lucky!


I asked a crack of questions, I leave you the word of the end

At the end I'm gonna ask YOU a question! What's up with that grey sweatshirt you wanted to trade for a record??? Haha! Will we ever know?

But apart from that: support independend labels, record stores, small venues, distributors, artists and heartworkers whenever you can! THANKS!


Thank you all very much for this interview and I wish you a good musical continuation.




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