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Ekorevolte range of cosmetics

Hello, For what purpose was EkoRevolte created?

EkoRevolte was created to collect all the high quality products in one place, which will allow customers to find nearly everything they need to make their first steps towards sustainable life. If someone wants to use organic, cruelty free cosmetics, find cleaning products with no toxins that will not harm the environment – that’s a place for you! All the best in one place.

Can you give us a few cosmetic brands and tell us why you chose them?

I always choose cosmetic brands from around Europe based on some rules. Most important is always that they need to be cruelty free, which means no animals were harmed during the process. Animal testing is still a big problem in cosmetic industry. Secondly, I care that my products are plastic free and with simple, organic ingredients. They are also always unique. Only in EkoRevolte you will find cosmetics in beautiful wooden or bamboo pots, or very practical aluminum tubes. Packaging has to be fully biodegradable, or recyclable.

In your opinion, are we doing too much, little or not enough to protect the planet?

We absolutely don’t do enough to protect the Planet. I think the world we’re living in is such a beautiful place. I don’t think our Planet will survive, unless we start putting ecology first and not the economy. We can’t eat, drink and breathe the money. We always want more and more but to be happy – we need so little.

What is the little extra of EkoRevolte?

What makes EkoRevolte special? A unique mix of best European brands available in one shop. While choosing only the European companies, I reduce carbon footprint because transport from Asia and other continents is a big problem. The small family businesses I work with, always share the same values as me, so we can successfully reduce plastic, CO2 and support economics.

What is your strength? What makes you different from other cosmetics platforms?

I am really proud to own an absolutely plastic free shop. I reuse the boxes, collect the natural decorations myself and I even walk to post to send the packages without any additional carbon footprint. I organize plastic free and zero waste events. For example, this year before lockdown, I organized a book exchange event with live music and drinks. In September, together with some volunteers we joined World Cleanup Day and collected over 10kg of trash in our village. And that’s only a beginning!

You have other products as well. How do you go about choosing the brands to present on EkoRevolte?

All products have to be produced in Europe and the companies need to share the same values. The products are always plastic free and trust me, there’s nothing better than cleaning the house without gloves and toxic smells! I used to hate cleaning, but now I don’t breath in the chemicals, my head doesn’t hurt and my hands are fine even after cleaning the house all Saturday!

A lot of my products are handmade, unique and I design them together with the artists to be practical and beautiful. For example, ceramic soap holders, toothbrush cups or knitted bags and backpacks. I am proud of my original products, which are hard to find somewhere else.

I still have three questions for you  What makes you happy about the brand?

Everything! EkoRevolte is my biggest passion and it was never created to earn the money. I try to give the best price possible, so everyone can afford it. Less is more! It’s better to buy 3 great quality products, than 10 cheaper but full of toxins and tested on animals.

Are we meeting in 10 years?

I hope so! I wish we can meet in a better world in 10 years from now.

What can we wish you today for tomorrow?

I hope to open my own store next year, to have a place where I can inspire people and to show them, that sustainable life is more beautiful and not that hard. Let’s choose kindness. Kindness for each other and for nature. The only thing we all share together is this Planet, so it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck.

Thank you!

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