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Hi all, how are you?
-Hi, I think we’re just doing alright at the moment, still waiting for the summer to come here in Iceland, but that is nothing new.

Who's behind this stage name FUFANU ?
-The three of us: Kaktus, Gulli and Elli.

Why did you choose a scene name in English and not in French?
-Who says it’s in English? What does this word mean in English? It’s an utopian word we made up.

I saw your discography on your label. So tell the music there is that true no? More serious what drives you towards this artistic field?
Everyday life, how we get up and how go to sleep and everything that happens there in between.

Why have you titled your new EP dialogue I?
-Because it’s is series of dialogues between us and the music, and how those communications made this soundscape.

The first word that comes to mind right now right now?

What are your musical influences?
-Electronic music mostly, but all sorts of world music, club music and rock based music… Disney music also. 

What are you inspired by for the composition of your texts?
-The things that I see and the things that I feel.

Who is the composer of the music and what is it inspired by?
-The three of us write the music… and there is no one thing that inspires – it’s our daily life that inspires and everything that the day holds.

Imagine an evil genius removes the fact of being a musician, what other art form would you choose?
-Gardener I think.

Unknown land, known land or known land?
-Unknown land… exploring makes the world grow.

Dream or reality ?

Black or white ?

60 70 80 90 or 2010?

The international city to make a very good concert ...

What I can wish you today for tomorrow ...
-That summer will arrive to Iceland.

Thank you very much for this interview and nice musical continuation


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