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-Hey everybody how are you ?


Hey dude! Everything fine, working hard and enjoying our last holiday days before going back to university.


-Could you describe your career path ?


We are a hardcore metal band formed at late 2013 in Hernani, Basque Country. We already have released 2 EPs, an independent single and right now we are working on our first LP. We started to play show locally, but we have grown considerably these last year and we have been able to tour nearly whole Spain and we have already done an European tour, where we also hit Switzerland! More tours and serious stuff coming up next months, but we are now focused on the LP in order to release the best material we have created so far.


-Music is (for you) above all a passion, a desire or a need ?


It started as a desire, wanting to emulate our local and international idols touring, releasing music and living that “musician lifestyle”. However, I now think is all about passion and a need as well; this is what we love doing and living and we want to keep on doing this for the coming years, it is our true passion and we feel happy and fulfilled when playing live, meeting awesome new people everyday and getting our material exposed to people who really appreciate it. I also think it is a need; if we spend lots of time without going live we go crazy and can’t wait to play a damn show again (laughs). I think that expressing ourselves this way is very positive for us as well and, yeah, we could also say is a need.


-If I told you a French song, you say … ?

+Hmmm, if you are talking about a song written by french people, I would say “Guidecca” by Nine Eleven, I love that band both live and in studio and I think this particular song is great. I don’t really think I listen to music in french language, tough I am open to it!


-What are your sources of inspiration for writing your lyrics ?


To date, they have been more related to social themes and some kind of social criticism and concerns. However, with our new work, we will be writing more personal and intimate lyrics, we think we personally are in an emotional moment where we need and want to express these kind of things related to our daily lives, so yeah, we will be talking about that in the next songs.


-Studio or live ?


Live a hundred percent (Laughs). I personally hate studio and love going live, so playing shows and the tour life in general is all up for me always, for sure!


-I listened to your title Izarren Hautsa. This is a good way to wake up! What was your inspiration for this title?


The title is in Euskera, basque language, though the lyrics are in English. It is a reference to a basque songwriter called Xabier Lete, who wrote the song and was later interpreted by Mikel Laboa, other basque cultural reference. The song talks about our common source as human beings and how we should keep on going forward all together, leaving a transitable path for the next generations so they can keep on working and fighting to achieve what we could just imagine and wish.


BB King, Steevie Wonder or Johnny Cash ?


For me, BB King for sure. In fact, I had the pleasure to see him live some years ago before he passed away in a famous jazz festival here in San Sebastian; it was such a great evening. Rest in peace master.


Classique, rock, électro, jazz or hard-rock ?

 I am not really into classique music, neither into hard rock, I like jazz but just to see live, not to listen to it at home. I think rock is quite a general label, so, I choose some electro stuff!


What's your best stage memory?


Hmm, that’s such a tricky question. I have got many good stage memories, but choosing the best one is so hard for me. Maybe I will go with the time we played in Oviedo, Spain, on our tour with Dawn of the Maya. We had a good crowd, we played a good show and the promoters treated us in the best way possible. We also partied very hard that night, so yeah, I think that is one of my best stage related memories.


The craziest thing you have done on stage?


We have broken two guitars on stage so far, our bass player broke a finger on a live set in Nevers (FR) and I have opened up my eyebrow twice myself, so yeah, we do some crazy stuff when going live. Reviewing this now, I also remember that I helped our singer breaking his eyebrow as well some years ago :)


-5 minutes before going on stage is the stage fright or even not afraid?


I think there’s no stage fright, we always have some kind of tension before going on stage, but that is a pretty normal thing, we do not have any kind of frights and I think we have never had any serious problem with it. The key is having your set prepared; if you do your homework, then there is no need to worry about anything.


A nasty word before going on stage?


Not really mate (Laughs). We tell many good and loving stuff to each other, so the complete opposite I think


The most gift you can get musically


Having a bunch of followers who really appreciate our work and being able to help other people on their personal problems through our art, I think that’s one of the biggest things a musician can ever achieve, so that’s one of our biggest aims as well.


-I offer you a coffee in a bar, you meet a great English-speaking artist. Who is this artist?


Hmm, another tricky question! Many artists mate, don’t really know. Maybe Jason Butler? (Ex - Letlive., The Fever). I think he is such an amazing artist and a very interesting human being, so having a conversation with him would be nuts.


3 great dreams to achieve in the world of music


First of all, being able to make a living out of this, even if that means playing 200 shows a year.


Secondly, playing a support show for Berri Txarrak. They have been one of my favorite bands since I have memory and one of my biggest inspiration sources and references, so opening a show for them would be a dream come true, without any doubt.


Thirdly, touring the whole world. Being able to play shows in other continents and meeting new cultures, that would be such a blessing.


Last question to close this interview, we wish you anything for the rest of your musical career?


Let’s hope we get enough health and stability to keep on working, so we can achieve the dreams mentioned above!


-Thank you very much for answering my questions, I wish you a beautiful continuation in the art world.


 Thanks a lot for contacting us and for dedicating your time to our band, good luck and see you around!


Crédit photo : Alba Heavendesires