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Rencontre avec Franziska Lerch, fondatrice de Oqua Beauty

Hello Franziska, tell us about your cosmetics range, its history, its beginnings…
I worked as a Retail Manager at L'Oréal Luxe for a long time, so I gained a lot of insight behind the scenes and learnt a lot about the production of skincare over the years. It was always my great desire to create my own skincare line and about 5 years ago, finally an opportunity to realize that dream showed up! Together with professionals who have many years of experience in the production of cosmetics, I’ve put together the right formulations. I found an excellent laboratory in Switzerland, which also manufactures the Oqua products. Oqua is therefore 100 per cent Made in Switzerland! All the products are vegan and do not contain ingredients that are unnecessarily harmful to the environment or the skin. Oqua products are designed to give you a beautiful, even, fine-pored and naturally radiant skin!

Why this name Oqua?

While searching for a suitable name, I came across the Urban Dictionary, where English slang words are defined by users. There I read: 'Oqua is an almost perfect woman...' - and it was immediately clear to me what the brand name should be!

Tell us about your commitment to zero waste!
Our products do not contain microplastics or other harmful ingredients such as silicones, parabens, PEG or chemical preservatives that are difficult to break down and are harmful to the environment and the skin. To save paper, we print all product information either directly on the container or on the folding box, which is FSC-certified. The containers are made from recycled glass and are manufactured in a CO2-compensated manner. Shipping is climate-neutral in Switzerland.All our products are manufactured and packaged in Switzerland.

Is Oqua sensitive to ecology and what does it actually do in this area?
We support the ETH spin-off rrreefs. For every product sold, we donate three Swiss francs to rrreefs. We are united by a passionate love of the oceans and a positive attitude that everyone can help turn the tide of climate change. Reefs is a young and innovative organisation based in Zurich that is dedicated to saving corals. The ETH spin-off uses science and technology to rebuild dying coral reefs. By purchasing our products, customers can directly help to rebuild dying coral reefs.

With all these cosmetic lines, what sets you apart from others? Your little extra besides the place that I really like?
The formula, the name, the logo, the packaging, in short: everything. A very important aspect of the Oqua brand is its authenticity. I stand behind Oqua as a real person and personally guarantee that the products deliver what I promise. Clear, understandable and direct communication is very important to me. That's why I answer all emails and texts as best I can by myself. For me, this all falls under the term 'credibility'.

What are the main ingredients that you use to create your products?

Oqua is inspired by the power of water. That’s why the main ingredients are brown algae – Kelp, the power inside the water! They have antioxidant properties that fight free radicals in a natural way and therefore slow down the skin's ageing process. They also help to deeply regenerate the skin, ensuring a radiant complexion. They also stimulate cell renewal and increase the production of collagen, helping to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin to maintain a youthful appearance. All in all, they are simply superheroes!

OQUA in 3 words what would that look like?

100% VEGAN



What are the brand's future plans?

I wish the brand to develop steadily and consistently with a solid base and one or two new product launches per year. The first new product from Oqua was launched in February, the second is in the development process and will be launched soon.

Franziska I leave you the last word 

Especially during the Advent season, when the focus is on gift giving and large companies spend a lot of money on advertising, which smaller brands like ours simply cannot afford, there is a risk of being overlooked. So it would be wonderful if customers would consider a brand like ours - a brand that is 100% made in Switzerland and financed with great dedication and our own capital. By supporting us, you are helping a Swiss company to act in an environmentally sustainable way and to promote the ideals of zero waste.

And last but not least, the lucky person who receives Oqua products will have a radiant, glowing and fresh looking skin!

Thank you very much for this interview and continued professional success.


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